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Introducing the RevCascade Network

For today’s blog post, we want to go a different route and actually share some big news about RevCascade with our readers.

RevCascade was founded as a technology solution alleviating all the headaches of dropshipping from both a brand’s and a retailer’s perspective. From our founders’ personal ecommerce experiences, we fully understood the benefit of having one platform that integrates disparate systems and facilitates every single aspect of dropshipping: product information management, merchandising, inventory updates, order processing, shipping/fulfillment, and everything in between. Since our launch in April 2016, we’ve grown faster than we ever thought possible, automating dropship operations for dozens of brands in the home goods and apparel verticals, including some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Today, we’re announcing the launch of a new way to discover brands and retailers on our platform: The RevCascade Network. In addition to our dropship automation service, we’re offering the RevCascade Network as an online tool to actually forge new connections between brands and retailers in the furniture, home goods, and apparel industries. Think of it as a LinkedIn for your dropship business. While our technology has always been able to drastically increase your operational efficiency with your pre-existing dropship partners, the newly launched RevCascade Network offers immediate access to new dropship business partners and sales channels.

If you’re a brand, you simply fill out a quick sign-up sheet, upload your products, and browse all our retailers and send invitations to connect. Once you’re connected, your new retailers can start selling any products you’ve approved, and RevCascade can facilitate all your inventory updates and order fulfillment processes.

On the retailer side, we can integrate with your ecommerce platform, then give you access to browse all our awesome, fully vetted brands. Once you’ve connected with your new supplier(s), we have the technology to allow you to start selling almost immediately. Email us at to learn how we can get you set up.

Like RevCascade itself, this new Network was launched out of necessity. There is undeniable value in working with the big players in the home goods and apparel industries, and being part of the Network can definitely help you make those connections in certain cases. But another key value of our network is that smaller companies—those boutique shops and up-and-coming designers who spend hours upon hours every month flying from trade show to trade show looking for partners—are given an opportunity to connect and instantly open new revenue streams, all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

If you’re interested in joining the RevCascade Network, feel free to join at, or email us for some more information at

Thanks for reading!

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